Saturday, 8 January 2011

The sun has got it's hat on...

hip hip hooray!

A lovely clear sunny day today which brings a welcomed change from the dreary rainy days we've had of late. Not only were we all in good moods because of it, it meant that some long needed jobs got done too. I've sorted the downstairs so hopefully I won't be fighting so much of a losing battle trying to keep the place presentable. It also meant I got to photograph the quilt.

Completed quilt
Completed quilt

New Quilt
He didn't seem all that impressed about modelling the quilt as it interupted his playtime

Cheeky chappy x
That cheeky glint in his eyes? He's after the camera, it's a fantastic teether apparently

I just love all the bright happy colours

Fraser seems impressed with the quilt, he sat for a while taking in the colours until his big sister came in and just emptied the contents of his toybasket and he was totally distracted by all that.

What a fantastic start to the weekend.



  1. That quilt is so lovely! And what a cute baby - he looks like a wee charmer!

  2. That's fabulous. Absolutely lovely. I'd love to make one of these, but I wouldn't know where to start! x


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