Thursday, 13 January 2011

Almost the weekend

Today we woke up to another rainy and dreary day, but am thankful once again that we are safe and dry (maybe a little damp after the school run) as I watch the events happening in Queensland.

I worked out this morning, yay me! Fitted in a bit of shopping for sadly nothing more exciting than some shampoo and nail varnish remover and it was back to collect Missy from school. I had engineered F's naptime to allow for a bit of sewing.

Craft time nap time
She did seem happy to be colouring, honest!

But I had no more than 13 blocks sewn up and he was awake again, an hour and a half he slept for and only 13 blocks, shame on me. We did have a juice related emergency and stopped for biscuits. The perrels of trying to get anything done with your 4 year old hanging around. I love spending time with her and I love her thirst for knowledge and need to know everything going on around her, but I wish she'd quietly sit and colour in for an hour and let me have a little peace and quiet. But alas, it was not to be, and quite frankly I wouldn't change it for the world :-/

It's a hoot quilt
I wish I didn't have to put this all away again...

So, since the sewing had to be abandoned, and abadoned it was as it's all still out on the kitchen table (my creative space - yuk!) I managed to persuade both children, well Maddie, that Alvin and the Chipmunks was the way forward and I'm getting a bit of short lived silent (if you ignore the squeaky noises now coming from Alvin and his, umm, chipmunks). The toys are out, F is bopping away to the tunes when they're on and Maddie is snuggled up a blanket. What a nice way to spend a miserable English afternoon.

Telly time
Does anyone else lay the toys out all pretty, or is that just me?

Snuggling to Alvin and the Chipmunks

And look what fell through my letter box this morning. The first of about a 1000 Boden catalogues, I heart this shop, I just want so many of their clothes but given their price I'm limited to maybe one or 2 a season and settle for adding everything to their online basket and daydreaming about the new wardrobe I could purchase with just the teeny weeny click of a button. It makes for pretty reading though...

I *need* this jacket in my life. It's the price a month's food shopping so perhaps not...

Amy xoxo

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