Friday, 21 January 2011

Sniff, cough, splutter

Both the kiddies have been/are ill, so now I'm ill. And I never get ill so I'm pretty bummed about it. I'm kind of attached to the ability to breathe out of my nose, or taste, or to swallow without feeling like I'm suffocating myself. And whilst MissM had the luxury of lots of TLC and sofa time, I however must carry on regardless. They don't even make Calpol for grown ups so there literally are no joys out of being ill when you're my age!

Aside from having the arse about a blocked up nose (and the rest) today has been fun. In between whinges me and MissM managed to cobble together a cake and some jam tarts (nothing beats ready rolled pastry for entertaining a 4 year old for 20 minutes - genius). And I got some sewing time in and got all those blocks all stitched up, yippee!!!

Getting there...
This is what my lounge floor consisted of

I'm at the rearranging stage
I also today finally wrote in my new notepad which R lovingly bought for me. I've got so much I want to fill it with I don't know where to start. But I like writing, and I love lists, so no doubt before I know it it'll be full. Writing my name on it just feels so senior school, oh the nostalgia...

I am the picture of the notebook of...
 I am a photo of the notebook of...

I just love that book, the little words on the front are so lovely, I'm determined to make it something I will cherish and not a book full of grocery lists.

Right, I'm going to go and tuck myself into bed with my latest interior magazine wishing I had a house that I could just do up to my hearts content. One day Amy, one day. I'll leave you with a little bit of bedtime brightness, ain't they pretty?!

Goodnight all xoxo

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  1. Really loving your fabric choices and blocks. Isn't sewing with gorgeous fabrics just the cure all! Get well soon, Jxo


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