Tuesday, 11 January 2011


No more procrastinating. The diet has started today. And to go the whole hog I'm sharing a picture of myself right now (totally unflattering, I'll warn you) and I'll do another one in a months time and we'll see if I've made a difference.

Diet Day one - front view
I'm unsure of when the muffin top made it's appearence, somewhere between the sticky gingerbread and the flapjack

Diet Day 1 - side view
I would like to state that this is hair and make up undone for those that are wondering if I always have Tina Turner hair

Anyone see The Biggest Loser (UK) last night? This is what's bought about this 'sudden' (it's not sudden) desire to crack on with the diet. If they can do it, then why am I letting my arse spread further and further by the day just because I can't be bothered. I'm now proud to say I've reaquinted myself with the Jillian Michaels DVD (my abs aren't quite so jolly about it) and my food intake today consists of bran flakes and a clementines. I'm so hungry I could eat my own arm, but I don't know the weight watchers points value, so I won't. Probably best ;-)

Anyway, diets and exercise are boring since something very exciting happened today, my long awaited It's A Hoot harm packs have arrived so I shall be playing about with my next quilt later on. Beats eating. Or obsessing about eating, or not eating.

And *whisper* the sun is shining. Can't get much better than that...

PS - Before I go..Today I am touched by the floods that are happening in Australia at the moment. My heart goes out to everyone involved, you are all in my thoughts. But what's also got me is the fantastic community that blogging is. A group of women that have craft blogs (I believe all Australian, but I could be wrong) are holding an auction collated by Toni of Make it Perfect. Without blogging and the wonderful good nature of these ladies, this wouldn't be happening, and so quickly. It's a lovely thing to see a community come together for these people and I wish them every luck in raising as much money as possible.

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm with you on weight watchers, altho haven't been brave enough to blog about it!! i started in early Sept and have lost 20lb, but still a little way to go to shuft the last of my baby weight.
    Good luck with your "weight loss journey"!!


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