Saturday, 31 July 2010

6 days in

Weigh day tomorrow and I can't wait.

I've deligently eaten well, tracked and exercised. I am really excited to know what the scales will read at the meeting.

It was back to the gym this week, and running. It's been a killer but I love the feeling of energy after exercise, and I know it's doing something as every muscle of my body hurts, but it's worth it.

Even a trip to London hasn't taken me off course, if anything, I didn't eat enough, but I could so easily have over indulged on the copious fast food options at the train station alone, but I didn't, I had a Diet Coke!

Just today and tomorrow to get through and the first week will be over. Two runs between then and now though....hmmm! 

Ready, Steady, Go...

So, after halfheartedly trying Weightwatchers over the last few months, losing an impressive 12lbs, then gaining a less so impressive 9, I took myself off to a meeting at the start of properly concentrating on getting this weight off!

At the meeting I meet my leader, Nichola, she a jovial bubbly person who I immediately feel will stand by me for every pound lost or gained and make sure if I slip off the wagon that I'll get back on. I stay for the talk too and am bouyed up with enthusiasm to stay focused that week and make sure the scales show a loss in a weeks time.

My thoughts on the 1st weigh in: "No comment". It's that bad. Really!

A brief stop off at the pub with Heather to disect the meeting and plan our game of attack for the coming week.

I am going to do this!!!