Tuesday, 31 August 2010

1 whole stone - corblimey!

Well, first target reached!! Yay!!

1 stone lost, fabby fab fab! Considering the cream tea and full english breakfast I snaffled over the weekend, I am really pleased with the 1.5lb loss this week. So much so I had a Chinese last night too as a little treat, as if the weekend's indulgences weren't enough.

This week, I have time for all my classes, so that's 5 workout classes, and I'll try and squeeze in a gym session on Friday afternoon too. However, a trip to Coventry, and a meal out on Friday might scupper the weight loss result next Monday, but we'll see.

Jeans are getting big, I'm becoming increasingly bored of pulling them up all.the.time, but I'm resisting the charms of the Fat Face and Boden catalogues just yet before I splurge on a new wardrobe.

I'm going to change the tone of my blog this week. It shouldn't just be about weight loss, this is a big journey I'm on, but if I make my whole life about it, I'll get bored. I did start a blog for the Neale's, but why do two, when can I just combine it all in one. I've been looking through a lot of other people's blogs of late, but it's just about their lives, first days at school, projects they're doing, things they've made etc etc, so I'll be incorporating a lot more now than just getting these lb's off, it'll make for more interestin reading (I hope) at the end of the day, Ha! 

Monday, 23 August 2010

Woop woop!

A loss, oh yes, a loss. And not a measly half a pound, a whole 1.5lbs. Joy, deep deep joy.

So, my 1 stone before the weekend is not impossible.

Let the torture begin!!!

Weigh day again

Is it me, or is it coming around a lot quicker with every week that goes by??

Well, Monday is here again, and with that, weigh day. I know tonight's weigh in is not going to be good. Despite there being no real blunder this week, I just don't 'feel' like I've lost anything. So, that then leaves my reward (1st stone) which is already booked for this weekend (Afternoon Tea) potentially a very premature reward, especially if I gain tonight. Lesson learnt: don't assume anything.

But, I'm not letting it get my down. I could spend the day stuffing my face making the most of this slip up and then get back to it tomorrow, but I'm not going to. I'm doing a bit of damage limitation, albeit as useless as that may be, am fingers crossed I won't have set myself too far back. And with a new week, comes a new frame of mind, I am going to track like a saint, and workout like a bitch and hopefully, beyond all hope, I shall get my 1st stone sticker, and then the afternoon tea may only be days early, instead of weeks.

We shall see....back later.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Tardy Post

How has it been nearly 3 weeks since my last post? Right, where was I...

Update: 11lbs lost. Back in pre pregnancy jeans. So, good!

Today is a tough day. Today I am craving stodge, a pizza and chocolate would go down very nicely right now (plus not to mention the best part of a bottle of wine!), but with weigh in less than 48 hours away and me sherking the run this morning, it's not wise. Rich is being my willpower, that and the internet and my knitting.

I'm meant to be at a stone on Monday, that was my aim, at the beginning of the week, it was possible, now, maybe not so. We'll see. I have promised myself an afternoon tea when at a stone, which is pencilled in for next week, I might have to cancel it.

I'll leave it at that today, if I manage to end it without totally spoiling myself I'll be amazed. :(

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I need to always remind myself how good I feel after exercise.

Tonight's fun was Cheer Fit and Body Sculpt. Cheer Fit was fun, if a little twee (especially the pom poms, ha!) but it worked up a sweat which is the desired effect I suppose. Body Scuplt: no more than 5 minutes in and I wanted to stop, it was horrible, LOL. But I soldiered on in the mindset that all these squats, steps ups, lunge's will all be worth. I'm going to hurt tomorrow though, like buggery!!

I'm anxious about the next few days, out for meal tomorrow night, and meal and cocktails Friday night, I need to devise a plan so's I don't go over my points and I need to keep up the exercise. We'll see. I NEED to have a lose on Monday, I'm determined!! 

Monday, 2 August 2010

Weigh day

8 lbs off!!! Need I say more?

Monday night's treat has been 2 WW chocolate bars instead of the usual one with my cuppa. Well earned I think.

Here's to next week being as successful, my goal is 3lbs off.