Friday, 7 January 2011


I still have bleeding pin pricks in my fingers and thread all over the floor, but I just couldn't wait to get this up on here. I'm even going to show a really crappy shot by lamp light with my squiffy eyes picture.

Without further adieu (I ashamed to say I had to spell check that :-/)...

My very first quilt
It really is a rubbish picture...

So, yay me!

And bare with me whilst I work out Flickr, it's early days.

I also broke up the few hours I've spent this evening binding whilst curled up on the sofa discovering the wonderful place that is Pinterest. I've been seeing it mentioned and finally went and had a ganders, fab place to lose a day or so just looking at the pretty things (I have to try and remind myself to stop stroking my laptop screen though, it's getting weird ;-)).

Tomorrow I will be getting my hands on my It's a Hoot fabric and cut cut cutting away. Happy me!


PS - should it not be a miserable dreery day tomorrow I will get better picture of the quilt to share, no promises though, I live in England....

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