Sunday, 4 September 2011

Summer Wrap up Weekend

Hi there folks, would you look at that!?! It's been a while :whistle:

I can't pinpoint the reason for my straying from here, nor can I say why I'm feeling the blog love again but I am! Isn't it good?

This weekend has been a corker. We had a visit from an old friend of ours who was on an unreal trip of 16 countries in 16 days. We met him when him and my husband were posted together, my daughter was a year old and he was great with her then, and now she's nearly 5 and we've not seen him for ohh (counts on fingers) two, maybe 3 years and is still great with her. Not to mention the little man, who is definitely a fan!

Our last (and shamefully only 2nd) barbecue of the summer was a success. It was a joy to have friends old and new around and that the little ones played nicely well into the night. Sadly, or not, there are no pictures of our inebriated antics.

The lads that we had staying were off on the next leg of their trip come Saturday, so a hearty breakfast of egg and bacon muffins and tea on tap was had to remedy the night before. My husband relived his youth a little by joining them for a quick go around the local go-karting track and he had a little co-driver with him too. She managed the noise and the jigging about well, and my husband was pleased to not come in last. Happy days!

Sunday turned out to be a wet and miserable day. We stayed in our pyjamas and drank lots of tea and coffee, had a lazy lunch and my better half rustled us up our sunday dinner of roast chicken. It would have been blissful had it not been for the fairly constant whinging from the biggest mess maker that she was bored, but that was easily sorted by setting up a 'cinema' in her bedroom by way of in car DVD players and the curtains being drawn. We raided the sky+ planner and I set to my crochet of hearts.

 Weekends here are a relaxed affair. This weekend was just how we liked it (although today's rain wouldn't have been missed...) I hope you've enjoyed your weekend. I have.


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