Sunday, 18 September 2011

Getting on with it.

Ever have something hanging over your head? Something you keep telling yourself to get on with but for some reason you never do.

I'm one for making all kinds of excuses for not doing something, then finally out of somewhere I give myself a swift kick up the arse and get it done. And do you know what, it's way easier than envisaged. The baby did have a decent length nap, the bigger baby did play nicely with the occasional cartoons, my sewing machine isn't that difficult to bring up from the cellar. Rubbish excuses. 

I managed 3 hours of sewing in ONE AFTERNOON, with two children under my sole care and I finished the quilt top I had started in the new year. I'm rather impressed with myself, and annoyed that I was such the procrasinator, but nevermind. 

I only wish I could put more about it on here, but it's a secret for now, until it's completely finished and belonging to it's recipient. 

In other news, my Sarah Jane fabric arrived, yippee! And I'm cutting into it today. Double yippee!! 

Amy xx


  1. Oh! Good for you! I was feeling v proud of myself for finally making the blind I've been missing for months. And then I tried to hang it and realised that either the blind, or my window, or possibly both (it's an old house) aren't square.


    1. and I've just realised this post is ages old.... Sorry! anyway, really came over to say hello after your flapjack recipe on mine. Many thanks! Will be trying it next weekend.


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