Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekend shopping

I had the pleasure of taking a few hours out of family life to go shopping and lunching with a friend of mine. Both of us were well aware of the luxury it was to not have the kids with us and made the most of browsing a few shops and sitting in the sunshine eating a delicious lunch of bruschetta and washing it down with a beer (hic!) or two. Absolute unbridled luxury!

The purpose of the trip was to source me some buttons for Fraser's just completed Aran cardigan, I didn't get any. And to get my friend some wool for her second ever project as a knitter, she didn't get any either. But did I mention the lunch and the beer? Yes? So all was not lost!

I did make one purchase, intended for bunting in the kitchen but having seen Camille Roskelly's blog post for the Moda Country Fair, I quite fancy a washing up liquid apron.  

Here in Germany there is a novel rule that means shops aren't to open on a Sunday. A complete pain when you're out of this, that or the other, but really it allows for Sunday's to be spent doing the more slower and enjoyable things. Walks in the park, swimming with the kids, or like this weekend, a quick wander around the local Trodel Markt (car boot sale, or flea market I suppose). I go every now and again hoping for something pretty to jump out at the me, the last couple of times I've been looking for something specific, a fold out sewing box. And today I found one, and at 13euro (it is so annoying my keyboard doesn't have a euro sign) it was a steal.

I have grand plans for this little baby. Spraying it white, and the knobs will be red polka dot. I would love to line the bottoms of the compartments with Cath Kidston Chintz wallpaper, but simply can't justify the cost, so I'm still searching for what to do with that. I've also got a little list of things I want to put in my new (to me) pretty sewing box. Now that I think about it, it might not be so much of a steal as I first thought. Oh well.

But now, after the sunshine, it's raining, the husband is out getting muddy somewhere, the kids have a party to attend around the corner and I have a lasagne to finish off, so I had better get on.

Till next time folks. Amy xx


  1. Dude, that is TOTALLY a steal, even with the painting/lining costs. What about scrapbook paper for lining? Some of it is very thick and they do lovely vintage style stuff. You can buy it by the sheet, too and it's cheap as chips!

  2. Hello..... I am new to blogging, and have been hunting for some lovely blogs to follow, and so have been thrilled to stumble across yours. I hope you don't mind that I have chosen to follow you.

    I love that sewing box, how fab is that. It reminds me of the sewing bx I was given that was my Grannies, and you have inspired me to write about it in my next blog. Pop over to my blog and say hi if you get the chance. x


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